Improve Yourself, Starting Now!

As I meander through the internet I find resources to improve myself and others. Some of these are things I use myself, while others have been great for friends. Help yourself to the things I’ve found so far.


Whether it sounds hokey or not, clearing your past is used in many self-help programs. The effectiveness of this method is indisputable. Learn about spiritual repentance here.

Repenting is great, but it won’t help you at all if you just keep doing what you’ve been doing, will it? This resource will help you to break those bad habits for good, in 21 days! Now with 90% less Jesus!

Sometimes the first step in creating your future is visualizing it. Click here to learn how to do that effectively and spiritually.

Planning is essential to ensuring your happiness and success.Click here for tools that will help you.

Children are like sponges, and instilling good habits in them early on goes a long way toward ensuring a good future for them. Here is a perfect resource to get you and your child started.

Working from home is helpful in giving you a leg up on financial problems and taking control of your future. Click this link for resources to get you started.